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The purpose of the J! Question is to ask simple questions directly related to Joomla! web design and development and gather the answers from the community at large so others can benefit from the collective knowledge.

The questions and answers are related to Joomla! only but some might relate to general methodology which would apply to web design/development in general. Answers are collected via Twitter and are limited in length. More in depth discussion can happen in the form of comments to each question here.

I hope you enjoy the list and the responses to the questions below.

For a very long time I avoided using frameworks. Not sure what was stopping me. Possibly the fear of the unknown and the inevitable learning curve but like anything else I just could not sit on the sidelines watching new technology go by without giving it a serious try so I did some research first and decided to try K2.

Methodology of CMS installations is something quite particular to the designer/developer no matter the CMS they use. With Joomla! we are given the option to install sample data to demonstrate the CMS' capabilities and show how modules are positioned in a template.

I was quite surprised about the lack or responses received to this question as most sites have some sort of photo display.

25 January 2010

Do you use overrides?

I thought this was going to be a relevant question as overrides are becoming more and more important when creating templates. I was hoping to collect more answers from the big names in template design.

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